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Car hire fo 18 yr old


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    Does anyone know of a car hire company in France that will hire a car to my 18 year old daughter.

She is studying French at university and had wanted to spend some weeks at our place in the Pyrenees over the summer with a couple of friends.

Problem is that her own car is an old Astra and its VERY expensive to get breakdown insurance on it.

Her idea is to fly to Pau and hire a car for at least some of the time but it seems impossible to find a company that will do it.

Any help much appreciated


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I may be wrong but I believe its 21 here to hire a vehicle. Driving tests are taken at 18 and then three years(2 if started at 16) probation for all new drivers. I honestly believe that the insurance would be prohibitive for that age.
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Though initially it may look as the Europcar do rentals for under 19s. There is actually a box to tick for this option. When you dig into the country terms and conditions you will find that for France.......

Age :

21 or 25 years, according to the car group. with a supplement for under 25s.

Its back to the bus I'm afraid. I suppose she could borrow your car........and pay for a hire car for you for the duration.


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