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I have previously been critical of the nightmare of trying to make a web booking for travel from the UK to France.  Nothing much has changed and it still takes literally ages to explore the options available, or perhaps I should say to make the site give you the options that you might want to consider. I think that I'm getting used to it now as it only took me about an hour to make a booking last weekend, as opposed to the 5 mins that it takes me to make a Ryanair one. 

Anyway, believe it or not, this isn't really a winge about SNCF's website. I succeeded in booking a round trip Waterloo - Avignon, out in 2nd class and back in 1st class for my son's June holiday.  The fare was £149 (and it would have been £20 less for 2nd class return leg).  Out of interest, I checked the Ryanair site immediately after completing the transaction, for a Luton - Nimes return on the same dates: it was £158.  The tickets arrived at my son's home the following day.

So, if you can stand the pain, booking a train journey can be worthwhile.  But sit there with a black coffee and a very large brandy before you start. 

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