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does anyone know the ferry companys that go to st malo, i travelled out on brittany ferrys from portsmouth and noticed theres some new ferry companies sailing back from somewhere,  they had  website adress on the side of ferry but i cannot remember the name
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Condor have a small catamaran that does the St.Malo-Jersey-Guernsey route in the season but usually he Poole to St.Malo Condor cat does the Jersey pickups. H.D. have a new service St.Malo-Jersey for vehicles and I believe someones just bought one of the Emeraude ferries for passengers only.

Biggest problem with B.F.Portsmouth -St.Malo is your on the boat for virtually 12 hours.,on thje night trip. They take ages to unload and the crew always seem to be argueing about which car to put where. The food is pretty poor. The night trip over, at least doesn't waste holiday -makers days but the return trip is all day on the boat leaving ;usually;at 10.30 am., and arriving in Portsmouth just in time to catch the main traffic rush on a very dangerous stretch of motorway.At least it's a service.



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Condor have not operated a catamaran for many years now.

Condor currently operate a year round service to Jersey using Condor 10, which is a St Malo based car carrying wavepiercer. In addition from April to October they supplement, this service with Condor Express, a larger wavepiercer, which stops off at either Jersey or Guernsey on alternate days on its way to Poole.

In addition a new ferry service called HD Lines, which is Jersey based, commenced operations in March. operating a high speed car carrying ferry to St Malo twice a day. As a result there is currently up to six high speed car ferry sailings a day between Jersey and St Malo.


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In fact, gastines is correct to refer to them as catamarans.  The three Condor vessels are Incat Wave Piercing Catamarans, as is Brittany Ferries' Normandie Express.   The HD Ferries HD1 is not of the "wave piercing" variety it is a 80m type K50 Catamaran.  All these are constructed by the Australian company Incat.  More information, including details of their entire fleet,  for anyone who is interested can be found on their website at


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