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Tunnel shake-up?

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I have friends in Folkestone who had a shelf of DVDs fall down, the roof flexing badly and plaster pinging off the walls.  There are now many large cracks in their house and while they were not evacuated, they were told if there were any aftershocks or if the chimney looks like it's moving then get out and stay out.  Very scary, no-one could grasp what was going on. Not exactly San Andreas is it?  My in-laws in Hythe were in the back garden and saw it all move. They too have many cracks in their house. Just be thankful that no-one killed and only one person hurt and that not seriously.
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We were in the automatic check-in queue at the tunnel  when it happened. It just felt like the car had been caught by a strong gust of wind.  

There was a  half hour delay for the train we had booked  -  no  announcement blaming  earthquakes in the Folkestone area though.


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