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Eurotunnel "server not found"

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Could someone check the Eurotunnel booking site for me as I've been trying to make a booking all morning and I keep getting a server not found message.

It just seeems a long time for their system to be down although I'm not having any problems accessing other sites.

Thanks in advance.

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Strange that I still can't get the booking page and I've also tried going to it through IE as well as Mozilla.

I can get the Eurotunnel site OK but not the booking page. Ah well it looks as if Speedferries might get the business.

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I managed to get the bookings page about mid morning.

I think it says a lot about Eurotunnel when their main source of booking revenues is unavailable for 24 hours. Have they never heard of back up systems.

At least their pricing is becoming a lot more competitive.

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