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Stansted Airport - Important info

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This is on the BAA Stansted Airport Website:

Important information
Following Saturday's terrorist incident at Glasgow Airport, additional security measures are in place at all BAA airports. Dropping off passengers in front of the airport is currently prohibited. Passengers using private cars will find it more convenient to use car parks to gain access to the terminal. BAA recommends that passengers use public transport to get to the airport where possible.

My boys are flying out to me today, it's taking 2 hours+ to get through security.

If you're flying this weekend it may be best to allow extra time.


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I dropped friends off on Monday morning and although the access road was blocked off the police just diverted cars dropping off to the pick up car park. There is usually a charge to use the pick up car park but that was waived. In fact as it was so busy I just dropped my friends off at the entrance to the car park as it is not far to walk through to the terminal from there.

It did take them longer than usual to get through the check ins but not dramatically so. So far, Stansted seem to have a working plan to deal with this, but of course that could change any time.


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