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security at airports

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I am travelling Poitiers/Stansted/Poitiers next week. I have read the security requirements for Stansted. Are they the same for Poitiers? I haven't been able to find resealable bags in France. I saw on TV this morning people at Manchester airport being given clear bags but they weren't resealable. Will bags be available at airports?

Thank you

Brian & Jan   (86)

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UK rule - bag ( one only per passenger)  should be resealable, fluid proof, transparent and no more than 20 cm by 20 cm ( so a roughly A5 size ziplock bag will be ok).  Any liquids therein should be in sealeable containers of not more than 100 ml capacity....yawn..

The French security screeners should now be working to the same rules but are somewhat more pragmatic than the UK people.  Remember if in doubt the screeners are right [:(]  - Arguing with the screeners that your Harrods Carrier bag meets the requirements not only annoys the screening people it severely tries the patience of everyone in line behind you[:'(]..... 

As for sourcing the bag...Poitiers I don't know, at TLS bags are for sale....at the UK end the Yellow T-shirt brigade ( I believe they are supposedly pre-screeners) are still handing them out for free, at LGW anyway. 

Have a Good Flight....

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