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Avoiding Paris


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Last Saturday, travelling back from the Midi-Pyrenees, decided that I would avoid Paris, so routed via Chartres and Rouen up to Calais.

Had the feeling that it tok about the same amount of time as via Paris (unless there were jams in Paris). We kept going for most of the time - just the problems of getting through Chartres and Rouen.

What are peoples views - is it better to take the change and travel the very scenic route through Paris or is the way we went best of, better still, is there a better alternative?


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Rouen is amazingly quick once you get the "technique" - it used to take me hours as I was forever getting on the wrong road but now, barring jams it takes 20 minutes, tops.

My own advice would be to make your way onto the A28, then go direct to Rouen that way - not go via Chartres.  Old maps show gaps between Tours and Le Mans and Alencon and Rouen, but the road's now complete the whole way.

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We always use the Rouen-Chartres route. As Cooperlola says Rouen is easy when you know how. We do go via Chartres, at a quiet time we go straight through the middle of town or, if it's busy round the ring road. I wouldn't ever do the Paris route again.


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