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RUGBY , Newhaven Dieppe with Transmanche Ferries


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I've traveled during the rugby World Cup and have been watching the matches on the crossings Newhaven/Dieppe with Transmanche Ferries, the atmosphere has been FANTASTIC, watching the game on their wide screens, drinking half price beer during their 'happy hours'.

Now with England France coming up this weekend, why not make the most of it Im thinking, go over to France, spend the weekend, take the wife, send her shopping or something and then watch the unfolding events in.  Paris will be the place to be Saturday, however Dieppe or Rouen I reckon will be good second choices for those on a tighter budget.

Try it.

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According to BBC SE News ALL ferry and tunnel crossings this Friday/Saturday are completely booked.

We're travelling out the following weekend (Sat 20th) and could only get a tunnel crossing before 6.20am or after 3.00pm. Obviously a lot of people are expecting England to be playing in the final!

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If you want to see the match on the ferry then avoid P&O on the Hull-Zeebrugge crossing. Travelled across on the Pride of Brugges last Saturday and was gutted to discover that they don't have their systems tuned into ITV (or TF1) and therefore we saw none of the France-NZ match.



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