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Heavy load


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Hi all. This is a really long shot, but !!!! here goes. We are buying a Rayburn cooking range from the UK, is there anyone out there who might know of anyone able to transport it to NR Poitiers (86) it is about 450 kg.

Said it was a long shot.

cheers nich the wood


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Hi, where abouts in UK will it be collected from? what are its external sizes? Do you have a means of loading it onto a truck? what about unloading at the other end? when are you hoping to have this done?

I am looking to transport a heavy load myself and am considering buying/hiring something to make the trip. My load is 700kgs, about 2.5m long by 1m wide, 1.3m high. This could fit inside a transit van, but I would have a use for a flatbed or tipper thing down here so would prefer to get something like that so we should be ok for sharing space and weight, but physically getting something like a rayburn on and off a truck will be very hard without a forklift or tractor with loader. (at least my heavy load has wheels!


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My BIL does a regular run from UK to Spain with his Renault Magnum and is 44tons plated so plenty of room. Where in the UK would it be collected from as he is just on Oxon/Bucks border with a warehouse but it would not be a free delivery service to France I'm afraid. If interested let me know and I can give you their UK business number.
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Thanks for your replys

We have a problem (another) I have just spoken to the seller and we can't have Rayburn until LATER IN THE YEAR. So will have to pass on your offers. I'm beginning to think this cooker is more trouble than its worth.Maybe we could think about it later in the year.




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