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spare crossings with Ld lines


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Hi all new to this forum my family have 3 houses in northern France below Vire, so we bought some bulk tickets off Ld lines last year  these can be used for friends and family etc at anytime as long as there is room on the boat.Now were gonna have a couple of return or single crossings left if anyone is interested.The crossings are  a standard car and two adults  price is £100 return £50 one way these are in club class but subject to space again i doubt the boat will be full this time of year We have until the end of december to use them up i know its cheap at this time of year but these are club class which is much better than the normal with the cotton club etc..  Oh its  Portsmouth to Lehavre  or back only.i'm not making any profit on these thats the price we paid.If anyone is interested email me for details.

Thanks Dennis


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