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Contacting Ryanair


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Can anyone please advise.

I have some how deleted the confirmation email from Ryanair giving me the reference for my flights.  Now sometimes I am asked for it other times not.  I do not wish to take the risk - being told to go to ryanair desk  after queueing for checking-in for ages!

Some might suggest when at airport  I should go straight to the ryanair desk to obtain it but in my old age I am slightly worried  I have not booked it at all!!  I would prefer confirmation before settling on my journey!






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Can you look in your deleted emails, if so it should still be there; or has it been deleted then erased.

I have very rarely been asked for my booking reference with Ryan Scare. I just hand over my passport and they check you off against the preprinted passenger list. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Ryanair normally send out an advisory email 7 days prior to travel. I received one yesterday for flights on the 12th.

I had a similar problem some while ago and did find a number to actually speak to a real person and rather than refer you to the thread I have reproduced the pertinent message below:

[quote user="ErnieY"]

Well what do you know, on the off chance I tried the 0035318121212 number suggested by P from saynoto0870.com and got through.

1244 was busy so I tried again this time with 1243 and it was answered straight away although when I asked if it was Ryanair I was met with silence.

Undeterred, I pressed on with "oh my god I'm sooo glad to be able to talk to someone at last, I'm at my wits end blah blah blah" and the guy sorted my problem in seconds.

I had failed to get a confirmation email BTW so had no idea that my booking was in place other than the money had gone from my bank A/C. Fortunately all was OK and he even checked my email address (which was correct) and said he'd get the confirmation sent again and it came through moments later.

So there are some nice people there after all, they just like to keep their heads well below the parapit !


Good luck

EDIT: HERE is the whole thread if you fancy a read

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Hi guys

Thanks for replies.

Could not find email anywhere so after calling several numbers and getting no where I called La Rochelle airport directly.  Explained situation and they gave me my reference number over phone. Bascially asked me my name,  who was travelling with me and when I was travelling and voila - easy as that! 


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