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This is from the Port's web site

Speedferries departures from the Hoverport to Boulogne have cancelled all sailings today due to technical reasons.  Speedferries hope to resume sailings on the 31.12.07.  Passengers are advised  to contact them for further information on 0870 2200570.

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......... I bet Speedferries charge passengers 15 pounds per head to re-book their passengers onto a new sailing

Whatever failings they may have, charging for problems of their own making is not one of them.

I wouldn't anticipate any problems or charges when transferring bookings, unless you count waiting at Boulogne for two or three days as a problem.....[:)]

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I was booked on that ferry and 'No' they did not charge for a change of booking and we were given and immediate refund and a contact number if we wanted to claim for extra costs due to the inconvenience.  We were then charged £92 by Sea Ferries for a one way crossing to Calais (next available sailing) and when we arrived at the check in desk around 6 minutes later were told there was an earlier sailing for a £5 alteration fee, which we paid.  At least we got home safe and sound and did not have to cancel our hotel in Boulogne.

Would also add that SF were very helpful and had a list of all the times of sailings and prices of other ferry companies etc- Channel tunnel was £160 one way!!

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