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Fab easyjet offer - esp for those who ski


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Can I kiss you via the internet, Deby?  I have just booked a flight back for my English builder.  This morning, the flight was 75 euros plus baggage plus credit card, i.e. 100 euros.

I just got the whole package for 27.98 euros.  You are wonderful.

B-I-G   K-I-S-S  [kiss] [kiss]


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aye, i just found that on google just now. My normal route involves changing from stanstead to luton and its a door to door run on the coach for a tenner.

Gatwick to luton though is a lot easier than I thought - i was having visions of nightmare rail journeys into central london stations, tube transfers between stations etc...


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wouldnt surprise me.

I have found in uk for journeys of moderate length, especially if there are connections, it is often cheaper to hire a car one way and drive it than get the train, even counting the petrol costs of the car!

I find UK public transport to be as enjoyable as licking dead badgers ars e.


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Gah, easyjet are becomming as bad as ryanair for rubbish extra charges.

"£10 per seat inc taxes" they say.

except the seat I want costs £10.50 for some unexplained reason, but hey I can let that slide....

Then I have to pay £3.99 for my bag...but that wasnt really unexpected......

so i look for the second leg up to aberdeen... the morning flight which is no use is £10, the evening flight i need is £80. damn.....

aha, found if I go tomorrow its £10.... Im flexible so thats ok.

£3.99 for the bag again....yeah whatever....

"Due to demand we have sold out promotional seats on these flights, your revised prices are £11.something  and £11.something" its says. Blatant scam, if I go back to the beginning, it still says seats are available for £10, yet as soon as i get to handing over my money, they jump up by a few quid. Doesnt matter how many times I try, there is no way round this. Its only a few quid, but it pisses me right off.....

Then the credit card fee. I have misplaced my electron card (the only one that doesnt incur a fee)in the house so have to use the visa and pay another fiver...

Still, both flights all in for £34.98 is not bad at all is it? it just hacks me off a bit that its pretty much impossible to get the advertised prices.

Still, what do you expect? chin up old boy...grin and bear it...the british way![;-)]

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[quote user="Gardian"]

[quote user="dave21478"]Gatwick to luton though is a lot easier than I thought[/quote]

That's the good news.

The bad news is that the rail fare is £119.78 .......................  one way!


The rail service between Gatwick Airport and Luton Airport Parkway is a direct service (no changing trains, etc,) and a standard single costs £23  while a first class single costs £36.80. Service is with First Capital Connect trains.

Brian (again)

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