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Rail Europe - Grrrggghhhh !!!!


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Been waiting for the 3 mths leadtime for booking on behalf of our younger son for his 3 wk hol down here. (He has no internet access, so we book, he normally repays sometime-ish).

Flog through the train selection process  - it's v painful, but do-able once you know your way.  The payment bit: UK cr or dr cards only.  OK, but needs your billing address, related to your card.  Errrr - France.  "Sorry, don't recognise your postcode".

Bale out.  So, this is an International Company, offering an International product, and it won't accept that there might just be someone who lives outside the UK wanting to make and pay for a booking, for someone travelling from / to the UK!!

Re-group.  After early evening apero, thinking clearer.  Replicate transaction, quoting elder son's UK address as 'billing address', simply to try to force the transaction.  It works!!  By the way, cost has dropped by £10 in the space of 45 mins, but only back to what it was at the 1st attempt much earlier today.  Confused?  I certainly am.

Love the product: hate the process.   When will they learn and become professional?


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