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Driving Holiday in France

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Hello I am having a driving holiday in France in June and would just like some advice about where to go. We are getting the ferry into Calais and have booked a villa in Civray near Poitiers but would like to stop off at a couple of places on the way down and back. Could anyone advise about some nice places to stop off. Thanks
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I have just done a mappy route between Calais and the place you have booked to stay, and some of the places the route takes you near areas follows:

Rouen -this is about 2hrs into your jiurney. Very big place and spectacular Cathedral

Le Mans - but dependending when you are going in June you have the 24hr motor race there so could be busy unless you want to see the race.

Alencon - which is famous for its lacemaking

and Tours which again is a big place.

Really depends on what you like to do.




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I am thinking of doing the same thing this year.  My husband has always wanted to travel down the eastern border, maybe pop into Luxemburg and Germany then down through Austria and pop out the otherside into Italy. I would welcome any suggestions on the lovely towns we could visit in Eastern France.


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