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Industrial Action,Port of Boulogne

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Just read this on the port of dover site,

"SpeedFerries’ fastcraft services, from the Hoverport to Boulogne, are subject to delays and possible cancellations due to industrial action by French Fishermen at the Port of Boulogne."

Does anyone have any more info on whats happening?

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I searched the local news and no mention of any industrial action. This morning the port of dover site makes no mention of problems for Speedferries, so good luck JR, hope you have an uninterrupted journey.
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I too looked at the Dover site this morning and also phoned Boulogne they told me that all was operating normally today and no further peturbations prevu, but I wil phone again before leaving.

I asked her about yesterday, it would appear that as a result of the action the boat was not able to leave for the afternoon crossings but went normally at midnight although I guess fully loaded.

I do have a sneaking admiration for the effectiveness of French industrial action (I have witnessed many one or two day strikes at Airbus over the road) in this case all the passengers travelled to England albeit very late, the ones at Dover would have had to wait until tomorrow morning, strategically timed on a French jour ferié just before the long Pentecôte holiday weekend.

The really ironic thing is that the majority of those suffering would not have been French judging by the normal ratio of France v UK plates, and those that would have been making the "pont" between the jours feriés would more than likely have taken a morning crossing.

I expect that the syndicatistes either have already gained their demands or strengthened their negotiating power.

Thank you again for the warning, I dont usually bother to check with the port unless it is likely bad weather, to date the industrial action has been limited to Calais so from now on it will be prudent to check, the port of Dover website seems to be very accurate and up to date.

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