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Is it time to leave the car at home ?

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Our daughter has just got this deal.....2  adults one child and the hire of a small car for a week in July  total . £301 28 .  Fly out Ryan Air Bournemouth / Nantes ........ They collect a car at airport  and 72 miles later are on the door step ....

Out on Britanny ferries fast cat Poole / Cherbourg back on the Barflur same week is £307  taking their car ...+ fuel + 5 hours drive each way .If its only a week you want ...and you can travel light..... . and put up with an economy size hire car .......it could be worth checking out  if its better to leave the car at home and fly down .

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Yes, dump the profiteering ferries wherever possible unless you really need that prat sized 4x4 I saw staggering down the motorway yesterday. Then they stopped and I understood: both obese, kids huge and looking so unhappy. Frith, it was a holiday judging by the junk piled up all round them. Get real and get a 2CV and have fun guys

Or rent a something tiny.


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