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P&O.......back to their old ways.

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Three months ago, I rang P&O to convert a season ticket into a booking, only to be told that there was "no space avaialble on that sailing for season ticket holders".[:(]

I searched the website, but no mention was made of this, so I rang back, to be told that it was in my T&C sent to me AFTER I paid, (my bold).

I sent an e-mail to the head of their customer services stating my dissatisfaction and that I felt that to sell tickets, then place restrictions on them was sharp practise at the least.[:@]

Within half an hour he had rung me back and agreed, then got me a booking on the ferry I originally asked for.

All well and good. BUT:

After the debacle at Dover on the Friday before Whit, I again wrote to him asking why:

1. there were only three checkins open at such a peak time, resuklting in a 45 minute wait to check in,

2. the queues for checkins are un-"policed" allowing lorry drivers to gridlock the whole system at the point where the lorry/car/P&O/Seafrance/Norfolk queues form.

3. their check-in stafff repeatedly tell lies like, "Your ferry will begin loading at 2200", when said ferry deosn't even arrivwe at Dover until 2235.

4. I had still had to argue with a booking supervisor about the self same problem the next time I wanted a booking.

Mr Webb's response was to call me a liar for the first point, insisting that there were 5 checkins open, to state that it's "not our fault gov" about the queue problem, and made no comment about the lies told at checkin, other than to state that most of their ferries sail on time........yeah, right!

He then went on to trot out the specious rubbish that "it's in your T&C's", in answer to my last point.

I now have two more season tickets with the Channel Pirates, and needless to say, will not use them again once these are gone.

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