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Unwanted rail tickets

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I have two tickets from Aix En Provence to Ashford Internation for 08/07/08.  Leaving Aix TGV 13.43 and arriving 16.45 then from Paris Gare du Nord Eurostar  leaving 18.43 and arriving in Kent 19.36 - all first class.

I am not trying to sell them on this forum merely requesting advice.

We had to return early and needed to purchase new tickets as they could not be transferred to an earlier date.

However Rail Europe have advised that they can be used by anyone since neither Eurostar nor SNCF require named tickets.  It's just that we are not able to use them now on this date [since we are back in the UK!].  Rail Europe have not been particularly helpful to us.

If anyone has a use for them, I could send them to you as otherwise they will be unused empty seats.  If you felt you would like to make a donation to a charity that would be even better but not a requirement!

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That's a real shame and even worse that Rail Europe have not been much help.

Have you tried contacting Eurostar or SNCF direct?  I've always found Eurostar most helpful and will try to sort something out (probably even more so with first class tickets)

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