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Brittany Ferries Winter Timetable


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   I was (still am!) hoping to book a trip to France in late November but unfortunately the Winter timetable won't be released for another month. Speaking from experience, can anyone advise me how different the Roscoff & Caen winter timetables are likely to be?



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 I have travelled to Roscoff in the winter, early November but if I remember correctly there were so few sailings we ended up going to Caen to get the return boat.

I'm looking forward to the Winter timetable too because there is a period where you can go to St Malo overnight going and coming back - great !

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I have no way of knowing what plans the company has for the coming winter season, but there are usually changes to accommodate the fleet refit and drydocking programme. The Portsmouth-Caen service usually maintains its normal timetable, but different ships can be used. The Cherbourg services are often freight-only for at least part of the winter season, and the St Malo and Roscoff services, will usually see some reductions.

The forums at www.bfenthusiasts.com (yes, really - there are ferry spotters as well as train spotters) are often a source of advance information.


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