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Flybe: Avignon - Southampton


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For a change, perhaps, a positive thread.

Returned to the UK for our godson's wedding last weekend.  Route as above.

Avignon on the outbound was straightforward: more an airfield than an airport.  A bit late, but no problem.  Efficient taxi arrangements at Southampton.

Return had potential pitfalls: the 1st Sunday in August and the airport was busy. Check-in reasonably quick though, & security thorough, but brisk. Airside catering hopeless, but flight away on time. Onboard snacks really quite tasty ('blt' + 'cream tea') and arrival at Avignon 20 mins early. Baggage available within 10 mins of landing.  Better still, car park ticket 'illisible', so exchanged by Accueil for a free get-out. Nice result.

Overall: Flybe was as close to 'good' as you could get for air travel these days.

p.s. The UK: 1st time back for 18 mths.  Expensive restaurants & hotels, traffic horrible, and (seemingly) masses of very overweight people.  The first two observations objective, the 3rd subjective (but it struck us in a big way). 

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 I like Southampton Airport, I'm just 50 mins from it by rail and the train actually stops in the airport (5 minute walk to the terminal), however to catch the train back I would have had to lug my case over the railway bridge.

By road you are quickly on the motorway system too: M27 or M3

I have flown several times with Fly be and have found them OK, no problems.

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The good things about Flybe is that firstly you can pay extra to reserve specific seats at the time of booking, which must be a godsend for families with young children. The cost is similar to the rip off priority boarding schemes some other low cost carriers operate.

Also, from October Flybe will start to issue through tickets on a number of their routes, meaning if you don't have a direct flight to where you want to go to from your nearest airport, you can interconnect through another airport on the same booking and if you miss the connection Flybe are responsible for getting you to your end destination at no extra cost. Like the old days with the scheduled legacy carriers.

Lastly they have one of the most generous luggage allowances amongst the low cost carriers and the greenest fleet of aircraft. I think I am correct in saying they have been voted by the public as the best low cost carrier two years running in a well regarded travel industry poll.

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I agree with Gardian (a new experience).

When we fly Southampton / Flybe / Bordeaux as opposed to Stanstead / RyanAir / La Rochelle it costs over £100 more but is so much more pleasant. All three are way better than their counterparts.

Last time we were in the shop airside at Southampton, one till assistant was getting stressed 'Do you know we have got three flights in here'.


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Hate to be the duty pedant, but  it's Stansted..., but I know where you mean and I agree with your sentiments.

Given the present financial circumstances confronting all airlines I wonder if MOL is serious about this or if he is just stirring up the war of words between himself and the BAA to generate more publicity for his outfit?  

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