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Could someone please tell me exactly what is the method of getting onto these hotels after reception closes.

I am aware that you need the credit card that you booked with but how do you get the room key etc.

We will be arriving in Boulogne late at night and I really do not want to be trying to work out how to get in.

Thanks for any help.

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Its been a while since I stayed in one , but its very simple.

Its like a cash dispenser, you put your card in the machine and follow the onscreen prompts. I think you probably need the booking reference number and you definitely need the card you paid with.

The machine gives you a code for the front door and one for the room door. I it comes up on the screen and I think it also prints them out for you.

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If you have booked in advance, you need the credit card the booking was made with.

If you havent booked, you just need a valid credit card. It will take uk visa and mastercard iirc, but im not sure about switch etc.

Anyway, you can choose the langauge preferred on-screen, follow the instructions and it will give you a code. This code is used on a keypad on the main door to get in, and also on a keypad on your room door.

My advice - Have a pen and paper to hand (or a good memory). Twice now, I have gone to one of these - once the etap in bouougne and once by the motorway just past Chateauroux, and the machine has either had no paper in it to print out the code, or it has chewed up the paper and jammed. The code and room number are displayed on the screen, but only for a short period. I now make sure I take note incase of printer failures.

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Tried this once with a Baladins that I had prebooked, arriving very late at night. The machine was located in a dim area, most helpful. Problem was it did not seem to function - ended up making a new booking.

Decided that it is worth paying the extra for a hotel with 24 hour check in desk to avoid the hassle.



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