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Hello there.  I'm a new 'poster' with a query someone might be able to help me with.  I bought my house 25 years ago happy in the knowledge that there would never be any houses built in the vines around me.  The price of wine has dropped, and viticulteurs are now selling off parcels of land (with the encouragement of the CEE).  Having a couple of little houses in front of me doesn't bother me a whole lot, after all people want a home of their own and viticulteurs have got to live in their old age.  The problem is that the Mairie has designated the land around my house (I'm in a little hamlet) 'non constructible' and will not issue a Certificate d'Urbanisme and the vines will remain .  The owner of the parcel of vines concerned has bypassed the Mairie and put the land in the hand of a national building company who are selling the land on the basis that it is a zone constructible on the say so of the DDE. 

My question is can the DDE over-ride the Maire and if so what's the point of having the Maire doing any sort of urban planning if the DDE is going to over-ride his decisions?  I should say that I've been the the Mairie and they are not very happy about the situation - we are a commune of +/- 300.  Any ideas?


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Jen ........

Undoubtedly complicated.

We're in the middle of a constructible (or not) quarrel at the moment, but it bears little resemblance to your situation.

All I'd say is that the Mairie isn't really the body for urban planning, whereas the DDE (whether they get it right or get it wrong) probably is.  You really need to talk to an avocat who specialises in property disputes.  In the meantime, watch out for any Permis de Construire application - that has to pass via the Maire, so if they're really (?) on your side, you should have notice of impending proposals.  You've got 2 months from approval being granted to lodge an objection.  

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