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Ryanair - checking in odd shaped & sized items at Stansted ?


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Hi - does anyone have experience of checking in odd items at Stansted ? I need to bring over a  shower rail which is effectively an 'L' shaped bar wrapped in bubblewrap measuring about 95cm along each length. Wrapped, it is around the diameter 8-10cm (a tube the doameter of a cola can) and it weighs only 5 kilos. I beleive it's within their max dimensions.

Do they put this on the conveyor belt along with other suitcases (an risk snarling up the whole machine?) or is there a seperate procedure? I don't want to be given the runaround at the airport at 6am !

Many thanks

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There is an area that you take odd sized shaped baggage to. Unfortunately, the only time I used it, they were filling the luggage tag in by hand. I was going to Groningen in the Netherlands, which is code GRQ, but my roof bars went to Girona, which is code GRO. There were 3 of us on that flight who were seperated from our luggage and apparently it had been going on for a month. Maybe that's why Ryanair don't fly to Groningen any more.

I never did get my roof bars back.  

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The rail is particularly nice and made of brass / chrome and I've not found anything remotely similar where I am in Languedoc..

So, did the roof bars cost extra like say a surfboard (ie £25) ?  'Baggage allowance' is up to 15 kgs, but I can't find anywhere on the web site which 'describes' when a bag is a bag, and another item is 'special'. Does anyone have definitive experience? At £25 it will be cheaper to DHL it..

Many thanks.

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Hi, regularly take weird and wonderful items, (don't ask) As I am usually travelling with hand luggage only and they only make me pay the one bag rate as the items are not more than 15kg last trip about £12.00 if memory serves me right, £4.00 of that was my check in charge.

I would suggest you make the item as large as possible, that is make use of the L shape with cardboard or wrapping so you can make it absolutely clear where its going to and from where it came and right the airport code on.  They will attach a label with a barcode and if all goes well.

There is a jobs worth in a peak cap at Stansted on the large item scanner but he is much meaker these days, he has two butt holes you know,  [+o(] I gave him the second one when he lost an item, he pays more attention now and they have not lost an item of mine since. [:D]

Let the forum know how you get on.

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Thanks teapot - so do I take this to mean that if an item is less that 15kg it is automatically eligible for check in as a standard 1 bag rate ? (so the special rate for surfboards/instruments etc applies when something is 15kg + ?)

I'm actaully asking a friend to bring this with her as she has already bought her ticket with check in bag allowance but no longer needs to check in a bag.. But I don't want her arguing the toss with anyone at the airport etc.

Also, will she want to go to the normal check in desk first, and then be 'sent' to the large scanner area.. How recently did you last do this - prices & technicalities seem to change so often these days... ?


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Hi joidevie, last time I took something through (end of June) under 15kg there was no problem. Report to check in so they can print off the luggage label and they will tell your friend to take it to large items desk.

Fingers crossed should be ok, I think the staff are generally helpful.

If you have not paid for  hold baggage, go to the excess desk first to pay, or the check in staff will send you there where you will have to join another queue and then return to the check in and queue again. That's the bit which starts the blood pressure rising. If you do it the right way it's easy.

Bon Courage

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