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Please does anyone know the half term dates in October in the UK.  We are getting some horrendous prices from BF going Caen Portsmouth then back to St Malo.  We unfortunately need to get to Cardiff and Bristol and live in the Vendee.  Flights finish at the end of September from La Rochelle so its either The Tunnel and long drives both ways or LD.

We are traveller members (is that not the old P and O term shows how old I am).

For October we are getting well in excess of £300.


Will try different computations but would welcome the actual dates of half term


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[quote user="dragonrouge"]

Flights finish at the end of September from La Rochelle so its either The Tunnel and long drives both ways or LD.


You make it sound so bad, If Rochelle is closed what about Poitiers? Current Ryanair promo £1.00 each way no taxes.

I love the LD, you make it sound as if they are the worst/last option.  Dieppe to Newhaven, wonderful route, good food, straight up the M23 to the M25 off to the M4

Et Voila

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It used to be the case that Tuesdays were less expensive, but now it seems that is not always the case. It's driven, like the airlines, by supply and demand and fares can go up and down depending on how popular a particular crossing is. Weekends (Friday to Sunday) always carry a premium, as do overnight crossings and holiday periods. As you are returning via St Malo then that's probably at least one overnight in the quote, so the quoted cost may not be that bad. It's often the case that - unlike Ryanair, or, often, LD - if you book late BF will give you a better deal, but most people don't like taking the chance.

LD Lines also charge higher fares for more popular crossings, but it's still worth looking at Portmouth/Le Havre or Newhaven/Dieppe as you may save some money - but do consider any extra time and cost involved. Their timetables are geared to freight traffic and don't always suit individuals. The short Dover to Calais, Boulogne or Dunkirk routes are often significantly cheaper than the tunnel, but as you say involve a lot more driving.



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Thanks Will hope things are ok in Normandie.  Here I must admit to missing it at times but our isolated house near Percy was in the winter somewhat hard to live with.  Bought as a maison secondaire on a lovely summers day.  Learnt that lesson.

ex Mont Robin


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Never travelled LD know nothing about them so not a criticism at all.  Le Havre I hate with a passion and it really depresses me.  But pride and all of that will look at LD.  Dieppe is one hike from the Vendee then up the M23 then M25 and then M4.  The wear and tear the environment essence etc.  Not really an option.  RA Poitiers then to Stanstead or Gatwick then hire a car to Bristol and South Wales.  Again not really an option.

House in Chepstow on Chepstow Racecourse but of course to get anywhere else and where there are lots of chimney pots to justify flights etc is sometimes difficult.

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Often Poole -Cherbourg .leaving at 12.30. can be an option. If you are club members you get a free cabin and drive down is very straight forward. Although living 10mins from St.Malo Port,we find it just as easy and economical and much prefer the 4 1/4 hrs on the Barfleur to 9-10 hrs on the St.Malo overnight. Condor is an option,Poole -St.Malo or in winter,Weymouth-St.Malo but not very reliable on time or tide.


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