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We all know what can and cannot be taken onboard flights but does anyone know of any restrictions on ferries. I always have to do the Roscoff to Plymouth crossing which is one of the long ones and although I am armed with a book I wondered if there were any restrictions on things like knitting, sewing and other things similar. I have tried the website of the ferry company but cannot glean any info there. I would hate to end up being thrown overboard if caught doing something against their policies
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I got stopped in Portsmouth when catching a ferry home and was asked if I had any weapons in my vehicle.

"What do you mean by weapons, I enquired"

"Guns, knives etc".

"No", I replied, then suddenly remembered that I had a knife in the door pocket. "Yes, I do have this knife"

"I will have to confiscate that" the security officer said.

"Like bloody hell, you will", I replied, "I use that for cutting bale twine when I'm feeding my animals"

"Oh, are you a farmer sir?"

"Yes", I replied.

"Oh, thats OK then" and gave it back to me.

True story............................[:D][:D]



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A few years ago I was stopped by security at Portsmouth and asked if I had any weapons. You know the sort of thing. I said "no" and as I started to move I realised that I was towing a trailer loaded with wood for the stove in France and on the top was a long handled felling axe. This was on top of the wood for all to see---unless you are a security officer at Portsmouth.


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One incident I will never forget was checking in for the Harwich -

Hook ferry one day when a spotty gangly yoof, complete with obligatory

dayglo coat, flat cap and clipboard approched and enquired, in all seriousness "are we carrying any weapons of mass destruction today sir" [:-))]

Are we carrying any weapons of mass destruction TODAY sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I mean what the hell sort of question is that.

I soooo wanted to say "no, but if you'd asked me last week !" but I

just couldn't imagine that someone who could conceive such a question

could possibly be possessed of a SOH so I buttoned it.

We had some Baked Beans in the back, 2 whole cases of them, weapons of mass deatruction for sure, but I didn't have the nerve to even

make light of that, I just didn't need the aggro this genetic

throwback could potential visit upon me.

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Well, that clinches it now, I will definately take my knitting on board now as there is a limit to how much reading we can do and certainly not for six and a half hours. Yes !! Ysatis, I am still knitting baby coats for baby expected any time hence a trip to UK and slightly bigger ones now for Oscar. I thought I had finished with all of that but they wait until I move to France and then they all start again...great though.

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Conversation with British Customs at Eurotunnel Calais back in August.

Where have you come from?

I suppose France isn't what you want to hear?

No sir.

The Vendée; you can tell from the "85" 0n the registration plate.

Thank you sir. Is this your vehicle?

Yes. Do you want to see the registration documents?

No thank you sir. Have a safe journey.

And they wonder why we use the "jobsworth" expression. [:P]

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I took my cross stitch on with me last time, so I had scissors out on the table.  Mind you, I do also carry a rather evil looking knife - but it is in the thermos rucksac we take onboard and on picnics, for cutting bread.  Baguettes pull apart OK, but bigger loaves need a good knife.  So I carry a steak knife.  With 4 of us also armed with pen-knives, we could massacre everyone on board!  I understand, actually that it is all to do with the length of the blade.  I believe that it is legal if less than 5 inches.  I don't know how it appears though, if it is clearly part of your picnic kit!  Anyway, what if people are going camping.  They might be carrying a few different knives for food preparation.  Surely that is allowed.  I mean people going back packing of course.
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