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wow ferry prices


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How market forces dictate prices.

I need to go to France on saturday, to take some furniture etc over.

The Tunnel seems to be a no go at the moment for a day tripper and in any event delays are uncertain.

P&O quote £126 for a day trip and Sea France £160+. ( Usually £50-60).

I telephone to be told space on the ferry was at a premium......ouch... i think i will wait



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Just proving the saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' - in this case, Eurotunnels cloud being the silver lining for the ferry companies.

However, they could have used it as a show case to try to tempt passengers having problems and who normally use the tunnel to travel by choice by ferry. To do that they would need low prices. All this will do is provide the impetus for tunnel users to carry on using the tunnel.

It would seem that the other tour companies assisted in getting back people after the collapse of XL - no doubt generating themselves some additional sales in the future 'because they were marvellous in helping us get back'.


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You could try Norfolk Line   www.norfolkline.com

A return trip this Saturday costs from £74

Not exactly the same as day trip money but not bad considering the alternative and Dunkerque is only 15 minutes down the road from Calais so not much on your journey.  Also, Norfolk line state that you can catch a ferry either side of the one you're booked on at no extra charge so it gives a bit of flexability.

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