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Confusion ! Not only in France


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When it comes to supermarkets in France one expects to find the left hand does not know what the right is doing some times ....UK too it seems ...I drove into Tesco this morning as SKY news reported that they  had cut the price of fuel by 3p a ltr today  so filled up my huge tank over 50 quid  to find that they had not dropped the price at the garage I used ....manager .he siad they had not had an e mail from HQ about this so did not know what I was talking about.! ..Came home phoned customer service told them it would be a good idea to drop the price before the press office put out  price drop information and to tell the garages ......didnt know what I was talking about  so told him to Google  Tesco Fuel Price Cut ....result   "  I can see what you mean ..thank you for pointing this out sir ...I had better get onto sombody now about this  "...  wonderful ...but too late for me ! 

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In our neck of the woods Tesco are always at the dearer end of the petrol/diesel market. We have found Sainsburys and the station on the  main road to the M3 tend to be the cheapest. We only use Tesco when they do the 5 pence off offer, but funny enough they tend to put the price up by a couple of pence then.


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