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Our daughter will be returning a hire car to Toulouse Blagnac on a Sunday evening and will need to refuel it when all the petrol stations are closed.  She will be coming from the direction of Auch where this only one 24 hour station en route in the new Super U. Does anyone know if she can use a British credit card there  or is there somewhere else that she could find easily near to Blagnac?

Many thanks [:)]

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No idea if its 24h or if it accepts uk cards, but there is a petrol station signposted from the airport. You go past the long-term parking and all the car-hire depots, and follow the signs to a big retail park (Centre Commercial Blagnac) maybe a couple of miles away. There is a Leclerc I believe and at least 1 petrol station there.

Click this to see it on Flashearth...



zoom out a little and you can see its literaly right next to the airport.


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Not sure if the stations around Toulouse take UK debit cards if that is what you mean, although Visa or mastercard with a PIN should be OK if not blocked by the card provider.

 One option is to get cash out and see if somebody with a French card would pay for the fuel on their card and give them cash for it, that is quite normal practice in 24 hour stations, other alternative is to give the car back and pay at last look 1.77€ a litre for the car hire people to fill it up!! 

Your daughter is not going back to London by EayJet by any chance as I'm picking up someone off that flight but coming from Albi direction?.

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Possibly of no help but there again it is not too far from the airport...

On the exterior ringroad if you were coming from say Tarbes, there is a petrol station - after a certain time at night it is a case of giving money before fueling.

As for the one that is signposted from the airport I never found and ended up paying a highly exhorbitant charge for allowing the hire company to fill it up for me.


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  She does have a Mastercard which hopefully will work, the problem is if it doesn't because I just wouldn't trust any of the hire cars with declaring just how much fuel they actually used to put in, aside from the ridiculous cost of it.

Yes it is the Easyjet flight Ron but I'm a week out as it's next Sunday she will be travelling - oops! [8-)]


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