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New route with Ryanair


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[quote user="teapot"][quote user="Benjamin"][quote user="teapot"]

You lucky northerners,

Poitiers to Birmingham starts 31st March 09


Get yer UK map out teapot.  [:P]

Birmingham? North?


North of London[Www]


Makes you a stereotypical  Southerner then.   [:P]

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Sweet 17. Not too sure about the naughty bit,didn't know you in a former life did I? Anyway,Ryanair could give B.F. a bit of a wake-up call if it started a route from Bournemouth. As the main airport taxes/landing fees are getting higher by the day.I'm waiting for the announcement that they are locating more services to Bournemouth. They do a Nantes run but not very convenient times,however it is difficult to please all the people all the time. Perhaps With all the members on this forum "Living France" might be able to get us some deals with B.F.


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