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Hotel chains accepting dogs


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I believe that a number of the hotel chains do permit dogs but would be grateful to know those that actually do.

Planning on getting an evening shuttle, driving down on the Autoroutes part way, stopping overnight and then meandering down back roads to 31. Normally, it is the 05:50 shuttle and drive down the Autorouts until we get to 31 in the evening.


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These three chains do, but there are lots of others. It's unusual for a hotel in France not to accept pets.  I like Hotel Campanile because the rooms have their own front doors from the carpark.

If you have an idea of your route, it might be worth checking the hotels in specific towns in advance, to give yourself a few options. I hope this is of some help. 







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Many thanks for the replies.

I also rather like the Campanile / Kyriad hotels (never tried the Premiereclasse - how basic are they).

Planning on stopping near Vierzon and know that there are a number in the vicinity.

However, will also look for the location of the other chains mentioned to find the best placed hotel for us.


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