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BF 24 Hour Offers/Armorique


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Every few weeks local newspapers in the areas from which Brittany Ferries operates on the English side of the channel have offers for 24 hour crossings provided you collect 3 tokens from the paper.  We have made these trips a number of times and have never been asked to produce the tokens.  I notice now that on the BF web site for the current offer - travel on the Armorique (Plymouth/Roscoff) for £7.50 - it clearly states that the tokens must be produced or you'll be charged the regular fare.  I'm just curious to know if anyone has been caught by this?

BTW has anyone travelled on the Armorique?  How was it?


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I sailed on the Armorique last week. It is a lovely ship with plenty of comfortable seating and excellent cabins. There is no formal resaurant, but a good self service and a cafeteria. As for the 24 hour crossings; if you get the Cornish Guardian weekly paper you can get a cheap 24 hour crossing without handing in tokens.  Use www.brittanyferries.co.uk/09cg1 before 2nd March. 2 people + car + cabin for £58, or with reclining seats for £40. Also be aware that you can spend up to 30 hours in France so could go on Wed. night and return Fri. afternoon. You can possibly also get a good deal with your Property Owners Club card for a 24 hour crossing.



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