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Shoreham's supposed to be a lovely little Art Deco airport, too.

I'd love my chums to fly to Le Touquet, jut a hop and a skip up the coast from me, rather than long treks back and forth to Calais or Boulogne docks on and off through the summer - I don't have rich friends either though, sadly!
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It has been operating for a couple of years now. It uses very small planes, so is governed by weather conditions. The only time I tried to use it, the conditions were too windy. It is very civilised, none of the hassles and waiting about that you get in 'real' airports. So I haven't actually used the scheduled services, but I have flown with the same company on private flights.

Shoreham is an extremely pleasant airport, and the terminal is attractive and historic. It is often used for 1930s or wartime films, often pretending to be somewhere around Singapore or similar.


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Thank Fay & Will

You've made it sound even more attractive now - doh!

The planes are small - 9 seaters - wonder if they are always 100% full tho?

Have emailed them to see if they ever have last minute reductions - well you never know?!  Everyone else has at the moment ...

May just have to save it for a very special occasion!  Would save so much time and hassle and could get picked up the other end no problem ...  [:D]

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I used it two years ago and it was wonderful. Lovely breakfast in the fantastic art deco building, then through to departure where a man took my bags and carried them to the plane for me. My favourite bit was chatting to the captain as we walked out to the plane and him explaining to me how to open the emergency exit should we need it.

Have to say, it was clear blue sky without a breath of wind, but it was one of the most pleasurable travel experiences I've had.

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