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Flyabe - Southampton to Limoges

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It's about 3 years since we flew this route and had no problems with luggage then, but I believe all circumstances have now changed and they have tightened up the rules and allowances. We had no problems with using largish holdalls in the cabin and stowing them above in the lockers. I would check their website as any changes will have been forced by Ryannair's blitzgkeig, and other airlines forced to follow suit.


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[quote user="chocccie"]Haven't flown this route for ages... can anybody tell me how strict they are on checked in luggage and hand luggage?  are they as strict as Ryanair or a little more flexible? [/quote]

Well, all I can say is that our daughter flew back from Rennes to Manchester last w/e with Flybe and, whilst waiting alongside the queue for check-in, I was astonished at the size and volume of some of the bags which were intended to be cabin bags. Also there were some passengers who had a cabin bag + a camera bag + a hand bag and nothing at all was said by the airport staff. I did wonder whether these passengers would be picked out on their return in Manchester ... but the answer to that must remain a mystery.

Sue [8-)]

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