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Moving cars by Train

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A friend who is visiting us in the summer has been told that it is possible to put your car on a train at Bordeaux then travel as a foot passenger finally collecting your car off the train in England. Is there such a service and if there is where can you book a place as I have found absolutely nothing about it anywhere.

Many thanks Chris 

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[quote user="teapot"]


Don't see there is much fun in doing that, each to his own I guess


As you say- each to their own. The chance to arrive on holiday raring to go instead of exhausted after driving and unable to do nything for the next couple of days makes it worthwhile for many of us.

But as to the original post I've never heard of any service that takes your car back to the U.K.

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[quote user="teapot"]Some of us call it flying and hiring a car at the other end.........and it has the steering wheel on the correct side. [;-)][/quote]

Some of us have families and want to take everything AND the kitchen sink! [:D] You can't even take a bottle of water on the plane these days (unless you buy it "airside" at a vastly inflated price).

If you're only going on holiday why would you want to drive a car with the steering wheel on the "wrong" side, when you can just as easily drive your own familiar car? [Www]

I agree with GF-N; each to his own, I say! But there's no direct link to UK anyway.


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