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What is the name of this city ?

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long time ago i was visiting France and now i would like to re-visit those old places.

Unfortunatelly i cannot remember name of some cities .

The pictures of the city that i would like to see again can be found on following link


Does anyone knows where it is ?


Best regards,

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[quote user="Lou"]I reckon the second picture (and probably the third too) is Cordes sur Ciel, also in the Lot dept.


Edit - oops! no, Cordes is actually in the Tarn............


You could well be right, as I can just about read the number plate on the white van on the left and it says 81.

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The second one is Cordes without any doubt, shot is taken from the market.  The third one could be anywhere, I don't think its Cordes though as the streets looks too narrow.  Could it be Conques, all are in the same rough area?
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Looking at the 3rd photo again, it is definitely Cordes.  If you click to the right of the original photo to enlarge it you can see that the building on the RHS with the red sign is the glass blower in the Rue St Michel.


Compare this (the original photo)


with this one from the Cordes sur Ciel website.  The red sign on the LHS, with the street light above, match up nicely.




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[quote user="ErnieY"]3rd piccie is very likely Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and I know the 2nd village but the name escapes me. It is in The Lot and I was there a few weeks ago. I'll find out tomorrow.[/quote]According to 'er indoors I'm wrong on both counts and I know better than to argue so I'll shut up !

Whisper - still reckon I'm right on the 2nd one though.



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