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Flying from France to Greece


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I am thinking holiday in Greece later in the year....

Searching on-line for cheap flights, the only ones coming up are combinations of ryanair/easyjet etc.. flying via the UK, or Air France flying via Paris at ridiculous prices

Now, to me it seems a bit daft to fly back to the UK, then fly back through French airspace to get to Greece, but there again I don't fancy Air France prices either.

Does anyone have any experience in this type of route, or can anyone recommend any low-cost carriers operating European routes.


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Unlike UK the French charter operators only release seats when they are sure they will not sell their inclusive holidays.We had a  week in Rhodes to visit friends out of Bordeaux. flew up to Nantes then eventually flew into Rhodes. Previous best option was fly into Bodrum in Turkey for a week's package then take the hydrofoil to Rhodes. Good value but the connection to hydrofoil was to tight. Alao considered flights to Gatwick or Standstead then sleep at airport for a charter out to Greece.

Best of luck - for Corfu we woud drive.

Please let us know if you find anything.

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I go from Toulouse - usually via Frankfurt; Amsterdam or Milan - not the quickest but a lot cheaper than Air France.  Best prices to be had from www.expedia.fr.  However next time will probanly go from Paris - Athens with Easyjet.  Frankly it is not cheap to fly from here to anywhere much that isn't UK.  It may well be cheaper to go UK first.
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