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Ryanair - the biter bit!

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I had to laugh at this in the Travel section of last weekend's Sunday Times, which I've just re-read before going off to the recycling centre!

'Ryanair appears to be losing its focus. The travel website 360travelguide.com found a way to get money for nothing out of the no-frills carrier. Ryanair's weakness, the site explains. is its on-board pricing structure: a cup of coffee costs €3 or £3, and passengers can ask for their change in either currency. The trick, therefore is to pay for your coffee with a €50 note and ask for your change in sterling. Instead of getting back €47 - worth less than £42 - you receive £47, making a profit of £5 and cancel out the online check-in fee. The airline was unavailable for comment.''

Lovely! Jo

In fact, I make that a £2 profit plus a cup of coffee!
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