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Traffic conditions, Paris, August.....

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We have friends coming down to us in 24 on Saturday 15th August,  arriving Calais about 12.30.

We normally go Abbeville - Rouen - Mantes - Beynes - Rambouillet -  A10,  although sometimes Rouen - Evreux - Dreux - Chartres - A10.   This latter always risks a big hold up on the N12 section at those sacré traffic lights at St Remy.

Can anyone advise what the (most direct) route via Paris is likely to be like on a Saturday afternoon in August  (ie A1,  peripherique,  A10) .  Schoolboy stereotyping taught that Paris was eerily empty in August,   but what about the peripherique/francilienne?   I'd guess that most people will have gone on holiday and not yet come back......?

It's classified on Aug 15th as "orange" by Bison Futée,  apart from Rhone Alpes/Sud Ouest which are red.

To sum up,  which way would you lot go??

Any advice gratefully received.


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The Paris Peripherique is not as bad as some people make out. If you are used to the M25 it is do-able, and it is far easier than the theoretical North Circular or the non-existant South Circular.... I have hit the Peripherique in the Monday rush-hour and, sure, it is busy, but it works. Just make sure you know exactly which Porte you are leaving at or you may end in orbit for ever ....
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Thanks La G.

I have vivid memories of the Peripherique in the 1970's,  driven back then by my father,  who did not believe in (or use) mirrors.   Curiously he seemed to have developed a sensitive sixth sense to compensate,  but it wasn't exactly relaxing.  (He learned to drive back in the days when there was no test and indeed few cars)

Having said that,  as you say,  if you  have done your homework and understand the Portes then it's not too bad.

Anyone else able to comment?   Don't want to spoil a long standing friendship by giving bad advice!!

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I did it on a Friday afternoon about that time and it was hell - my son did it 2 weeks ago on the sunday of the Tour de France finish and surprisingly it was fine.  It probably is just like the M25 it can be both good or bad for no apparent reason. 

Now do you feel lucky?  Do you?

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