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How many Euros I need to survive?


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Hello Guys, it's nice to join the forum.

I am from Poland and in

few days I will go to France to work. I will be staying in Bourges for

about 2 weeks. I will live in my own tent. Before it, I am also going

to visit a Paris for 2 days and have a little touring.

There is my

first question: how much money I need for those two weeks to spent on

food in Bourges/Paris and some touring in Paris?

Not to mess

the forum, let me ask another question. I am going to get to Bourges

from Paris by hitch-hiking. Could you recommend me any place in Paris

where I can catch the car? THX in advance!
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Paris is a lovely place but not cheap.

The French are still good at giving lifts to hitch hikers.

The countryside is better and cheaper - farmers will let you stay in their fields or find some woods to camp in free.

Shop at Lidl - wine less than  2 euros a bottle -  adapt to a vegetarian diet and live on 10 euros a day or less very easily.

The Fench are fairly lazy there is plenty of free food in the hedgerows and forests - also much fallen fruit at the moment.. Mushrooms and funghi are plentiful now. Freegan food is available in the bins at the rear of all big supermarkets in France.

It would be possible to live well on 3 euros a day or less  if you are prepared to look for your food.

Have fun - live well.

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JMB, I will have a season job of gathering grapes.

Dog, thx for advices. Actually I am on vegetarian diet for years :) I don't pracitice freeganism as here in Poland it's almost impossible but indeed, I heard it's easier in the west Europe. I am only afraid of legal issues, reportedly supermarkets do everything to prevent using their bins with food.

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The supermarkets and shops in France are starting to make life more difficult for freegans but if you time your visits carefully there is still much product available.

Good luck and have fun - if you are vegetarian and fit France will be good to you.

If you are in 24 you are welcome to visit my humble abode.

My neighbour who is 83 is Polish her parents left in 1919 she will give you help and advice.

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Often they will deliberately spoil what they throw away with bleach etc but it is normally obvious if it has been done because they will also rip open the food packaging to allow the bleach to contaminate the food.

I am not ashamed to admit that I raid the bins, we are called glaneurs, be aware that most shops (in my region) keep stuff on the shelves well beyong the DLC (date limite de consommation) one even puts a sticker on that says DLC court but does not reduce the price!

Your nose will be your best friend and you will also meet some interesting and surprising people if you choose to find your food in this way.

You could also eat for free at Restos Du Couer of which there are several in Paris.

Good luck to you

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[quote user="zenon90"]I am going to get to Bourges

from Paris by hitch-hiking. Could you recommend me any place in Paris

where I can catch the car? THX in advance![/quote]

Hi Zenon -

To hitchhike (faire du stop) out of Paris in the direction of Orléans you would need to be near the top of the entrance ramps to the périphérique, (ring road) at the Porte d´Orléans or Porte d´Italie. 

Have a fantastic trip!

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If you like to travel, mix with others and don't mind helping your host out in reciprocation you could always try www.couchsurfing.org.  You will have more luck finding a couch if your profile is completed, if you are verified and if you have been vouched for. Nevertheless, it's a good way to meet up with people when you are in Paris (even if you aren't surfing their couch) and it could get you vouched for another trip. There are 22 pages of events / meet ups in Paris and many couchsurfers will meet you for coffee etc.

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Any experience like that is terrible Clair, but, putting things into perspective, one incident on a site with 1.5m participants and 3m positive experiences isn't bad going.  At least with CS you have the benefit of checking the references of the person you surf with - something, I believe, the person in Q didn't do.

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Hello guys. I am back home for a while but I completly forgot to post a reply in this topic.

Well, I must say I enjoyed my first staying in France. Both in Paris and Bourges people were really nice and helpful (and there were a lot of times we were askin for some help). There is a popular myth here, that French people can't or hate speaking english - since I were in France, I know it's a lie. There was totally no problem with communicating in english, not only with sort of officials but ordinary passersby.

We had a little affair with the police. We were hitch-hiking close to highway, and two police officers came to us and said it's forbidden in France :/ They took us to the police station and gave us fines of 4 Euro :) - and said we will be imprisoned if it will happen again :). So we decided to by to Bourges by train and in this way lost 20Euro. Except of this incident, I've noticed that police is rather tolerant here; you could walk the street with vine in the midnight and they completly didn't care. I think they had to deal with some riots, I even saw one...

The job itself was rather hard. You had to work bent down all the time, in full sun. I hoped to learn some french, but there were people from Georgia, Chechen, Mongolia etc. so we'd rather communicate in russian :) We got about 600Euro for 2 weeks, which is quite a lot for us and as I found out later, it's also quite a lot for French people. In Paris, there was a picket of CGT union at Notre Dame cathedral and they told us, people working here earn 400-500Euros for the whole month which was a suprise for me. People from the West believe that living in countries like France is colorful, simply and amazing but it's not that easy.

All in all, I am going to work there also in the next holidays. It's hard but worth it... at least for people from Poland.

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