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Flybe Summer 2010


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Amidst the angst over airlines shutting routes down, there are some new ones just announced by Flybe:

Birmingham to Avignon, Bordeaux, Limoges, & Rennes

Gatwick to Limoges

Manchester to Avignon, Bergerac & Limoges

The Avignon routes are especially good news, since they 'cement' the viability of Avignon, particularly as Ryanair dumped EMA - Nimes.

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Much as I expected, the M'r - Av direct route is just operating mid-July to end-Aug, as with the B'ham.

It took a bit of 'trawling', but details as follows: 

  • Service starts Weds 14th July, ends Sun 29th Aug, twice wkly.
  • Ex M'r 10.35 Weds, 11.10 Sun.  Return deps 14.45 & 15.20 respectively.
  • Flt time 2hrs 45mins.

We much prefer Flybe to RA (when we opt to fly rather than use the train) & Avignon is a nice little airport (or should I say airfield!), with a civilised restaurant adjacent to ........... well everything.  You also get 20kgs baggage allowance, as opposed to RA's 15kgs. 

If you were to use them, don't bother paying for seat allocation - since the seating is 2x2, you're unlikely to be separated when taking the seats you're given at checkin.

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[quote user="Andrew"]

Bergerac Airport closing down (so they say)?


Care to give a source for this rubbish Andrew ? You've said it before, who are 'they' ? Both RyanAir and Flybe have plenty of flights in their schedules from Bergerac and Jet2 have launched a new route to Leeds. Not to mention the major upgrade to the airport just completed. Do you just like to pretend you know something we don't ?

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mmm... so you can't be proved wrong just yet then. How convenient !

I'm sure many years ago there were those saying how these new fangled motor vehicles wouldn't be around for long and there would never be a service station in every town. It's the future, airports will keep expanding and prices stay low as the Ryanair model spreads.

Of course routes will come and go, even airports. But that's not the same as evidence from a few off the wall blogs that Bergerac airport is going to close. The new terminal at Bordeaux and even Brive airport will just be a bit of extra capacity - perhaps even the French regulators will cave in and allow some low cost competition from these places.

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