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If you think Ryanair are robbers..........


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I was going to add this to the Ryanair thread but decided it needed its own thread.

If you think Ryanair have dubious practices try using BMI Baby.  Two days ago we looked for flights next month to Manchester and found a reasonable price for the journey and a note saying "only 4 seats available at this price".  Could not find wallet and got timed out, had other things to do, so offer seemed lost.

Tried again today and those 4 seats have gone to be replaced by seats at 38€ each cheaper [:-))]than before although the fare has not changed.  The taxes have been halved!  It gets worse, paid by French CB (a CA Mastercard debit card) and got charged 18€ instead of 10€ because BMI decided its a credit card which it clearly is not.[:@]

OK M O'L takes the proverbial with credit card fees, but at least you get charged the right fee for the right card.  Thought of complaining but not to an 09 number from France.

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I always used to use BMI Baby Man - Bordeaux when I went to our old house in the Gers and they were great,but I thought I 'd try them again to Perpignan last year, it was really awful,limited timetable old dirty plane rude staff made Ryanair look like they are trained at a Swiss finishing school. So its Ryanair every time, follow the rules and they're great.
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