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Poitiers Airport - EuropCar


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Has anyone ever returned a Europcar to Poitiers Airport when their office has been closed?

Was there an extra charge?

The reason I ask is that I plan to leave a hire car there soon. The Europcar website is very vague as to the procedure for leaving the vehicle as well as any cost they "may"apply. They say they will let me know how much this "out of hours" charge will be (if any!) AFTER I pick up the car.

I am just worried at being charged something I am not prepared for.

Any info would be appreciated.
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[quote user="brodie19"]Just received long awaited reply from Europcar. Leave the keys in the box provided, having checked the car for damage etc. Fee is 14 Euros extra.

Good surprise![/quote]

So you have to pay 14 Euros extra for the benefit of Europcar not being avauilable to receive the keys/inspect the car?  I'd be asking them for a 14 euro refund!

Have you already booked the hire car?  If not and you are flying with Ryanair, try the Hertz link on the Ryanair site, they were cheapest by about £25 in January for me.

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Same experience at Limoges, I've dropped the keys in the box at the care hire building.

And then last year, about a month after my return, I had a telephone call from them asking where I'd left the car. Seems someone had stolen the car - and it wasn't the first time.

Maybe they should rethink their policy 

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