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Eurostar: Good News Story

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Some of you may remember that we got caught up in the Eurostar problems over Christmas: we had TGV / Eurostar tickets to travel to the UK on 23rd Dec, returning here on 2nd Jan. When the problems started, we made a decision on the 21st to drive back and take a chance on getting some compensation.

We were reasonably confident of getting the cost of our train tickets reimbursed, but knew that driving would rack up a bigger bill (ferry, fuel, tolls, meals). Sure enough, when I finally submitted our claim (fully receipted), it was for over £200 more than the train fares. So, that's what I claimed and (with tongue slightly in cheek) I asked for complimentary return tickets for a later date.

Email received yesterday from Eurostar: lengthy apology for the problems & delay in responding, settlement of my claim in full + reimbursement of our original train fares + complimentary tickets.[:D] Money to be in our UK a/c in 10-15 days. Couldn't believe it: very happy bunny.

I certainly don't want to get in to a 'hate-the-airlines' thread (RA etc have their place & are fine as long as you know the rules), but I have to say that Eurostar take the biscuit in my book, for good old-fashioned customer service. (But only after getting it badly wrong in the first place!!)


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From what their CEO was saying it seemed that the company was completely rattled by the events and wanted to try to make amends which seems to have happened.

And, as Chancer says, shame that good news does not get reported - unfortunately, the media far prefer disasters!


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