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Accommodation near to Bordeaux airport


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I am finding it difficult to find a suitable place to stay for one night near to Bordeaux airport on 7th August.

There are five of us and we need three bedrooms. Oh, and as this will be the last night of our hols I will probably not have much money left![:)]

Can anyone give me some recommendations please?


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We have stayed a couple of times at the Comfort hotel at Merignac (Bordeaux airport) when catching an early flight out.  It's cheap (€47 is quoted for a twin room on 7th August) and convenient though their 'free shuttle' is a bit quirky regarding times and availability so best not to rely on it.  The distance to the airport is walkable if you are fit and have wheels on your luggage, though the route is not really designed for pedestrians. If you still have your rental car,

no problem, as there is parking available.  We had an evening meal and breakfast in the hotel which were both perfectly OK, if not up to gourmet standard http://www.comfortinn.com/ 
.  Enter 'Merignac' when searching rather than 'Bordeaux' to find the airport hotels.

If that doesn't suit then there are several places listed on the Trip Advisor site, http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk together with reviews (I have now learned to read the ones from US travellers with the understanding that their expectations are somewhat different from mine, especially when spending one night in a budget airport hotel!).  And the Bordeaux Airport site has a list of hotels though only a selection for some reason

Very annoyingly it doesn't include the hotel website addresses though you can usually work them out from the e-mail address listed - otherwise you have to google them.

Hope this helps - have a good holiday!


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You could have a look at the Accor Hotel group  www.accorhotels.com

Plug in Bordeaux and the date and you get lots of choice from F1 at €28 per room (note F1 hotels are NOT en suite - yer gets what yer pay for)to Novotel at €75 and everything in between.

There's also BB hotels  www.hotel-bb.com  which are also fine for a short stay once you get past the horrible snot-green corporate decor !


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