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Bordeaux to Saint Aulaye


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Because of the high price of taxi fare, we are trying a different way of traveling from Bordeaux Airport to our place in Saint Aulaye (24)

Shuttle bus from airport to railway station 6eur

Train from railway station to Coutras 16eur

Taxi from Coutras to Saint Aulaye 40euro

Total 62euros for 2 adults

Taxi from Bordeaux to Saint Aulaye 135eur

We are travelling on 30th March so here`s hoping all goes well.
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We are at Saint Severin, which is a bit further from Bordeaux. Although we don't have a requirement for airport collection, I do know people use local Brits for this service. Prices seem to range from 60 - 90 euros. You might try asking at the Salon de The opposite the church at Saint Severin, but I'm sure the bar at Saint Aulaye could point you in the right direction.

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