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LD Lines -amazing service

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[:D]Yesterday was a very long day - we drove daughter, two year old  and 8 week baby to Le Havre to get LD Lines fast cat service to England.(her flight cancelled, of course) Never having done the foot passenger thing we had no idea what to expect but the service was wonderful. Her case was taken and boarded for her, she and the children and pushchair were mini -bussed to the ferry, avoiding stairs, queues and hundreds of people, and the staff never looked unhappy or harassed, despite coachloads of grumpy travellers who obviously never expected to be going home on the ferry. Elderly, infirm and families with very young children were all swiftly identified for this service - they didn't have to ask.

LD Lines have done themselves proud and they certainly converted us - we wont be trekking up to Calais again if we need a (summertime) crossing!

We made it back to Limoges at 2am. As I said it was a long day.

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