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No Airbus for Ryanair under its present boss !

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He could probably get a deal with one of the other regional aircraft builders; I believe China is about to deliver its Xiangfeng ARJ-21 (Soaring Phoenix) which successfully completed its maiden flight in Shanghai on April 13th (really!) and of course Iran is building a knock-off of the Tupolev Tu-204 due to come on stream this year. Probably get a real bundle off costs of either of them which would add to the bottom line.[:P]




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[quote user="Frederick"]

Seems both Boeing and Airbus aircraft are now a long way off being ordered  



The story I heard was that Mr O'Leary dangled the prospect of a very large order in front of Airbus who then gave him a very good price. However, he had already decided to buy Boeing (a mixed fleet would be more expensive to run) and he used this price to push down Boeing's price. And the deal was done.

A little while after receiving his Boeings, he sold some of the aircraft for more than he had paid. Boeing were furious when they learned about this. Airbus decided that they would not waste time and money preparing quotations which would be used merely to bargain with Boeing.

Of course, this story may be apocryphal.

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