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Euro tunnel forgets to unload


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"Around 20 Eurotunnel passengers travelled to France and back again without being able to get off their shuttle train, it has been revealed."

Dont these trains have the emergancy stop chain ? .....I would have pulled it if my train was heading back to the tunnel.

"Pulling the alarm chain on a British train, will pull a lever connected to the brake pipe flaps. Pulling the alarm activates the piston, causing the flaps to be opened and all the air pushed out the air tube, thus forcing the breaks on. In the driver's cab, a buzzer and a light will operate to say that the alarm has been activated, as well as a pressure valve in the Guard's van, showing the loss of pressure in the break pipe.

In the UK, there is a fine of £25 for pulling the Alarm chain without good reason."

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Reading the explanation in the various articles I have to say that it doesn't make sense. They're saying that the passengers were in a carriage behind one left empty because of an earlier food spill and that staff forgot to empty it on arrival.

But when the shuttle arrives ALL the interconnecting doors open at the same time so how could they get forgotten? And what would have happened when they started loading the cars for the return trip? How could anyone not notice they were there - and come to that how could the stranded passengers not notice what was happening?

I suspect there is some other explanation that's being kept quiet.

edit...please read "fuel" where I've put "food" - shows what's on my mind!

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